leadSPEAK by ClubReady
leadSPEAK by ClubReady
leadSPEAK by ClubReady

in a nutshell

leadSPEAK was built for fitness sales professionals by fitness sales professionals. This system ensures that no lead falls through the cracks by utilizing automated task lists that are created for your staff members daily and automated communications sent on your behalf. More importantly, leadSPEAK guarantees frequent, quality communication that matches your club's culture. This system will take over much of the “Blocking and Tackling” for your sales team, allowing them more time to sell.

leadSPEAK by ClubReady
leadSPEAK by ClubReady

To get the results you want, the right events and information need to be effortlessly available to the right people at exactly the right time and be easy to understand and act upon.

  • Membership Leads
  • The right emails
  • The right calls
  • The right SMS messages
  • A sales pitch that matches their specific reasons for interest
  • Sales Staff
  • Who do I contact right now?
  • History of past contacts
  • Sales scripts
  • Sales pitches / flow
  • Sales Managers
  • How many calls are being made and by who?
  • How many consults set, show and close
  • Which staff need help
  • Daily reports
  • Members
  • The right nurturing
  • Are happy with the services provided
  • Get the right offers at the right moment
  • Trainers
  • Who do they train next
  • Client history
  • Client goals
  • Wellness

we've got the tools you need to close the deal


    smart automation

    The automation rule functionality is an incredible tool that puts both lead nurturing & member retention on autopilot. leadSPEAK schedules an unlimited follow-up sequences, including phone calls, emails and text messages for each step of your sales process. Imagine your entire team quickly seeing who they need to call and all of their to-do's/tasks as soon as they log-in and having all of these tasks done automatically.


    custom HTML emails

    leadSPEAK provides TRACKABLE emails for both one-on-one email communication as well as automated pre-choreographed series of emails. Each email is branded, customized and designed to touch upon any features and benefits of your facility & any services that you want to highlight.


    sms/text messaging

    We provide for both one-on-one text communication & an automated, pre- choreographed series of text messages. Appointments booked in leadSPEAK are automatically reminded of their appointments. These automatic text message appointment reminders improve appointment show rate by 10-20%.


    customer retention

    Customer Retention is accomplished through the leadSPEAK member communication module. The system will manage all communication throughout life of each member with strategically scheduled calls, text messages & temails.


    real time dashboard

    Our leadSPEAK Sales Process Dashboard provides your club with valuable, actionable insights into the sales team performance with comprehensive reporting & metrics tracking. leadSPEAK provides you with an assortment of virtual & printable reports for analyzing daily club production. These reports can be emailed nightly to owners & managers.



    leadSPEAK provides an INSTANT1-800 Support line and INSTANT web live chat. Live Support chat is one click away from anywhere in the leadSPEAK site. Any unresolved chats will escalate to a helpdesk ticket for further review. With leadSPEAK support you will have access to a comprehensive, knowledgebase of articles and “how do I” solutions as well as our training video library.

leadSPEAK by ClubReady
leadSPEAK by ClubReady
leadSPEAK by ClubReady
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Test-drive leadSPEAK today, you will not be disappointed. We promise you will be delighted with how easy we are to navigate and master from the ownership level to the Staff. LS will supply you with some logins and you can put us to the test.